CastIron Scrap

We arrange to deliver the suitable size and type of the cast iron scrap as demanded by the customers.

Cast Iron Chips Scrap

We deal with Cast Iron Chips Scrap. We are one of the major cast iron chips scrap dealers in Chennai.

Cast Iron Borings Scrap

We are one of the major cast iron boring scrap dealers in Chennai. We deal with all types of cast...

LMS / Punching Scrap

We also deal with CR punching and CR bundle scrap. We are CR punching scrap dealers in Chennai...

LMS Bundle / CR Bundle Scrap

We are CR bundle scrap dealers in Chennai. We cater various foundries and steel plant with the...

HMS Scrap

We are H.M.S SCRAP dealers in Chennai catering to various steel plants. We are dealing with all grades...

Why BenazEnterprises

> Want to purchase high grade quality scraps?
> Looking for the best scrap dealing company? THE BEST CHOICE IS BENAZ ENTERPRISES.
> Choose BENAZ ENTERPRISES, since they are the most experienced and reputed company.

Our Passion

The passion of BE is to achieve an efficient /promising business model by bringing innovations in the prevailing methods/practices. This will infact bring about a revolutionary change in the history of scrap trading industry

Our Performance

BENAZ ENTERPRISES have been serving / catering a large number of national buyers, professional buyers, and top companies across the country for a period more than 20 years.

Welcome To Benaz Enterprises

Leading Scrap Dealer & Buyer Chennai

BENAZ ENTERPRISES is a Chennai based firm indulged in trading ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials. Our company is constantly serving its customers by procuring and supplying various scrap materials based on their requirements at a fairly competitive price. The scrap materials we deliver to the recycling industries are taken at most care to be free from impurities and any other foreign material. We, at BENAZ ENTERPRISES take special efforts to keep up the time and quality of the consignment. We also offer scrap metal collections for building sites, small and medium enterprises, factories and general site clearance upon request.

BENAZ ENTERPRISES makes every effort to achieve its vision. We cater according to customer's specifications by offering wide range of products abiding the market trends, enhanced quality, lowest possible price and also timely delivery. We strive hard to operate as an environmental friendly enterprise. QUALITY AND TRUST IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. We coordinate all the logistics activities of the company with the help of our talented and skilled workforce. WE FOCUS ON MUTUAL GROWTH RATHER THAN PROFIT, so that everybody succeeds in the global recycling industry. WE ARE PROUD TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HIGHEST RELIABILITY, ENHANCED QUALITY, AFFORDABLE PRICE, AND CUSTOMER'S SATISFACTION will be the main strategy of BENAZ ENTERPRISES in achieving its VISION.

we do see ourself in the upcoming decade as the most leading company in scrap trading business achieving RELIABILITY, LOYALTY, SUSTAINABILITY AND ALSO UNINTERRUPTED SERVICES. We also aim for the enhanced relationship of the customers. To work for the benefit of the local and national economy and the environment.

Integrity, trustworthiness, a good customer experience, quality, teamwork, responsiveness, creativity, mutual trust, expertise, leadership, safety and flexibility.

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